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Digital Nixie Tube Clock with Customizable RGB Displays

Digital Nixie Tube Clock with Customizable RGB Displays

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Discover the innovative IPS TUBE night lamp, fusing nostalgia and technology. Its 1.14-inch color IPS screen offers a unique visual experience, with a resolution of 135x240DPI.

Experience the perfect fusion between classic design and modern technology with IPS TUBE. 🌟📸✨


Constructed of aluminum alloy and quartz glass tube. The aluminum base gives it durability, while the quartz tube provides an elegant touch.

Main Features

  • 1.14-inch, 178-degree color screen.
  • 135x240DPI resolution for sharp images.
  • Type-C power interface for convenience.
  • Memory function to retain settings.
  • Support for 12/24 hour format and automatic adjustment over Wi-Fi.
  • Dial library and customization option.


  • Screen: 1.14 inches.
  • Base material: Aluminum alloy.
  • Glass tube: Quarter quartz.
  • Resolution: 135*240DPI.
  • Power interface: TYPE-C.


  1. Smart Clock: Supports 12/24 hour format and automatic adjustment via Wi-Fi.
  2. Electronic Album: Create visual memories by uploading photos.
  3. Weather Mode: Quickly access daily weather information.
  4. Optimal Visual Experience: High quality IPS screen for clear and realistic images.
  5. Easy to Use: No assembly, with memory function to maintain settings without reconfiguration.

Mobile app

  • IPSTube (Available on IOS and Android)
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