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Wireless Night Light with Motion Sensor - Illuminate your Space

Wireless Night Light with Motion Sensor - Illuminate your Space

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Tamaño y LEDs

Add a touch of warmth and functionality to your home with the Wireless Night Light. Designed to decorate the bedroom, hallways, closets and more, this lamp offers soft, comforting lighting. Equipped with a motion sensor, the light activates automatically in the dark, providing gentle guidance throughout the night.


  1. Motion Sensor: It works only in dark conditions, activating automatically when detecting movement.
  2. LED Design: With up to 40 LEDs per lamp, depending on the model.
  3. Magnetic Attachment: Easy installation with a magnetic attachment method. Peel off the sticker on the back of the magnet, stick it on the wall or cabinet, and the lamp is magnetically attached.
  4. Lighting Modes: Offers two modes: constant light and induction. Switch between them with a single tap on the switch.

Enjoy the convenience and elegance of the Wireless Night Light, a practical and charming option for your home.

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